Kanaa kaanum kaalangal kalluriyin kadhai online dating

Bad Seniors rag Thamizharasi Bad Seniors rag Thamizharasi & Vetri rescues her from Bad Seniors. Principal explains the rules of ASAL engineering college. Later another sequel to the serial called Kana Kaanum Kalangal Kalloori Saalai was made.STAR Vijay conducted a talent search and students between 14 and 22 years were shortlisted and selected for the serial except Hemalatha and Ligeswaran who had prior acting experience all others were students who were acting for the first time with an emphasis to make as natural as possible with real life emphasis with actors using there natural language, slangs and make it very close to real school life.A small intro: Gang 1 Bala- son of a policeman who constantly insults Bala Pachai- son of a single father who is financially struggling and has a big dream of making Pachai an IAS officer Pandi- the biggest comedian of the gang who takes everything lightly and makes the situation smooth and sometimes worse Joe- son of a very strict chemistry sir who works in the same school Gang 2 Vinit: son of a rich single business mom who wants him to follow her way..but vinit has his own dreams Krish: son of rich parents who failed to show care and affection to him which leaded him to drug addiction Unni- comedian of this gang who thinks himself as a playboy but constantly gets bulb from girls Rishi- an over technical student who aspires to become a scientist but wastes his talent Ragavi- a silent girl who lost her parents in tsunami and gets adopted by parents who lost their daughter named Ragavi..She is Hindu by Religion and Horoscope/Sun Sign is Not Available.Nisha Krishnan Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) and Weight 58 Kg (128 Pounds). Nisha Krishnan Bra Size 34B, Waist Size 25 Inches and Hip Size 36 Inches.

A sequel to the serial called Kana Kaanum Kaalangal Kallooriyin Kadhai has been made.

Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal Kallooriyin Kadhai was released in 2011.

The story tells about the trials and tribulations of the fresh year students of ASAL engineering college, entering their first year!

She was made her on-screen debut as a supporting role on Star Vijay’s Serial ‘Kana Kanum Kalangal Kallooriyin Kadhai’ (2011-12).

Nisha Krishnan worked in many Television Serials on Star Vijay, Sun TV, Zee Timzh channels.

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