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When I kissed her for the first time I followed your pausing tip and I went in to kiss her and then paused for a second, smiled whilst she was obviously about to kiss me back, then I kissed her.Just that little subtle pause seemed to work magic!! she told me I was the best kisser she'd ever kissed - honestly at that moment I felt like such a stud!You should be very proud of yourself, you've done a great job here with the photos and I found it very enlightening.""I find this really embarrassing to say because I'm 19, but before recently I'd never french kissed a girl before.

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That way you'll be super-prepared for when the right moment comes!

"I have to say your book is beautifully laid out and your tips are brilliant!

The main reason I purchased your book is that I am 5'2" and my new boyfriend is about 6 feet tall and I've been having trouble kissing him without feeling like a midget.

Or do you just want to make sure that you make a kissing mistake, like trying to kiss someone all wrong? The problem is that it's too weird to ask anyone for advice, and kissing a pillow just doesn't seem to do the trick! It's got everything you need to know about kissing ...

without the embarrassment of having to ask someone or find out yourself the hard way!

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