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The contradiction here is that though certain viruses causes temporary interruption by showing messages on the screen of the user but still it’s not punishable under Information Technology Act 2000 as it doesn’t cause tangible damage.

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· Computer Viruses Viruses are used by Hackers to infect the user’s computer and damage data saved on the computer by use of “payload” in viruses which carries damaging code. T Act only when the consent of the owner is not taken before inserting virus in his system.· Fraud Credit fraud is another common form of cyber crime.Certain computer viruses can log keystrokes on your keyboard and send them to hackers, who can then take your Social Security number, credit card number and home address.This redirects user’s original website to a false misleading website to gain unauthorized information.· Investment Newsletter We usually get newsletter providing us free information recommending that investment in which field would be profitable.These may sometimes be a fraud and may cause us huge loss if relied upon.

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