Ping pong speed dating

Besides I'm not at liberty to discuss an ongoing police investigation with you." Naruto said walking toward his lab, while Iris followed"Since when, Mr. ""Since you made a blog." Naruto said looking back to her before he turned to face her "Blogging about this is only gonna bring the crazies to your front door.""My blog is anonymous." Iris retorted"All right, well, anonymous or not, it's not safe.

You never know what kind of weirdos are out there trolling on the internet." Naruto said walking into his lab,"I can vouch for that." a familiar voice said in his lab, causing Naruto to look up and see his former girlfriend Felicity Smock "The internet is full of weirdos and nerd rage Lots and lots of nerd rage." she said staring at Naruto who smiled at her Iris looked between Felicity and Naruto as they stared at each other smiling "Hi.

But in all fairness I have mastered the art of multitasking since I was 15." Naruto said walking backwards before in a flash he was gone Caitlin tried to get another piece when the board sounded off, causing her to flinch "It's not as easy as it looks."4th and Collins Naruto sped onto the scene to see a Blackhawk Squad Protection Group truck being robbed by a 6 man crew, running up to the first who was about to get into the driver side of the truck, Naruto grabbed him by his chin and slammed him into the ground, before he rushed the second thief and a punch to the gut sent him flying into the side of the truck, As he rushed the third member Naruto noticed a man look out the back of the truck, while he took out the third who had his gun on an security guard, before he ran into the truck and pushed the man out, before he made to go home, but the sound of a gunshot going off, caused him to turn around to see a guard who was running fall, before in a blur he punched the man in the side of his mask sending him flying through the windshield of the truck, while Naruto scooped up the guard and was running with him to the nearest hospital, taking note that one of them also lost his mask Hour Later CC Police Department were on the scene and were canvassing the area, as Joe was in the back of the Blackhawk truck looking around Eddie walked over "Tow truck was stolen.Driver of the armored car is in a stable condition at , and no one's exactly sure how he got there.""Did you check the security cameras?" Joe asked in a clipped tone not looking at Eddie"Camera's storage drive was stolen.Took his anger out on his kids until he went to prison.""Snart's dad's in prison too?We should start a club." Naruto said"He shows up, like, every six months. Then, he does the job, and gets away." Joe said"That was before the Streak was around." Naruto replied"Did you just refer to yourself in the third person?

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