Places to go dating in malaysia

Delight your date with popular dishes from its menu such as Wagyu steak, fresh sashimi, or omakase (chef's choice) meals.Helmed by head sushi chef Makoto Saito, director chef Doi, and executive chef Fujiwara who bring in seafood from Hokkaido, Tsukiji, and Kyushu markets, the restaurant's food is free of additives and artificial flavouring.Clink glasses of house cocktails with bold names such as Forbidden City, Genghis' Poison Chalis, or Consort Yang.If you prefer something more traditionally Chinese, you can imbibe a variety of rice wines, nu er hong wine, or other aged Chinese wines.Home to a botanical education and research centre, its sprawling compound is ideal for an after-dinner stroll.The park’s masterpiece is a resplendent floral garden adorned with African and Asia Pacific blooms, as well as a jaw-dropping canopy bridge.

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To get there from Kuala Lumpur, take the Go Genting Express Bus or a taxi to Gohtong Jaya Bus Station.

Male fireflies glow on and off in unison at night to attract a suitable mate—perfect for a magical cruise into nature.

Kampung Kuantan boat trips are MYR 50 for four including life jacket rental, rowed by hand by a local boatman.

Get directions to Kanching Falls Take an Awana Sky Way cable car ride with your beloved, and behold the views of the Titiwangsa Mountains and Genting Highlands up in the clouds.

The gleaming new cable cars fly over ascending mountains, a 130-million year old rainforest, and the historic Chin Swee Temple.

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