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Another important aspect of any good batch application is the ability to be reused.Because you’re not just going to use the batch tool once, you’ll be using it everyday or even multiple times a day.I’ve experimented with a lot of batch resizing tools in the past but nothing ever worked as well as Border Maker (the UI and features on the the different desktop platforms are similar).If you’re doubting the capabilities of the app, don’t.This messaging app is, now, also available for PC users.

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I think a simple solution with no stress and processin work would be with css: 1) Apply a class which will give you a cropped image. I haven'nt used the exact margin use it as you require.There are a couple of ways to accomplish this using CSS.The Clip method is one I have used before, and a google search will bring you several results.You need a good way to save your configured image settings so you don’t have to customize them every time you want to resize an image or add a watermark for your site.No matter if you use Windows, Mac, or Linux, say hello to your new best friend, Border Maker.

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