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The actor made a surprise appearance for 'GG' fans at Comoncy cafe, which was turned into a pop-up Luke's Diner to promote the upcoming new season on Netflix.

Lauren Graham Confirmed Her & Scott Patterson Weren’t Best Friends Graham said: admitted she wanted Lorelai to end up with Christopher way back in 2005. Time Heals All Wounds Whether you’re on set working with someone for several years, or working with them in an office, people can rub each other wrong.

It's sort of fitting that death was staring Scott Paterson in the face when word of Gilmore Girls' demise came down.

In Toronto shooting the horror sequel Saw 4, "I was on the set [filming a scene] when the news broke," he recounts. We all struggle for all these years to get to this point and you never think in a million years that you're going to look in the mirror one day and say, "I need to do something else." When it becomes redundant and repetitive and old hat, it's nice to change the music a little bit.

He studied acting in New York with renowned coaches Robert Lewis and Sondra Lee. Following his stint in baseball, he formed the Arclight Theatre Company in Soho, NYC –which produced the works of John Bishop, Sam Shepherd, Harold Pinter and Shakespeare.

Scott hit it big for seven seasons as the beloved diner owner Luke Danes in the hit series “Gilmore Girls.” In recent years, the Scott has given music one more chance.

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