Sex and the city season 3 episode 10 watch online

Emma Pillsbury's parents visit, and cause a flare-up of her OCD. Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan (Damian Mc Ginty) arrives at Mc Kinley High.

He is living at Brittany's house, and she thinks he's a leprechaun.

Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) is hired to set up a rival glee club at Mc Kinley High, and reaches out to her adopted daughter's birth parents Quinn and Puck.

Kurt begins his campaign for senior class president.

Artie is set to direct a Christmas special for a local network and is inspired to do a tribute to Christmas specials of old.

Will asks the glee club to help him propose to Emma in a very spectacular way, and he ultimately does.

Season three follows the club competing on the show choir circuit, while its members and faculty deal with sex, sexual identity, gender identity, stress, domestic violence, teenage suicide, pregnancy, disabilities, texting while driving, and other social issues.

Cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester runs for congress on a platform of cutting the arts in schools, and directs new cheerleading co-captains Santana and Becky (Lauren Potter) to sabotage the pianos being used in the glee club project.

New Dalton Academy Warbler Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin) makes a play for Blaine, and invites him and Kurt to a gay bar, where Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) gives Kurt some advice.

Sue pursues a smear campaign against Burt in their congressional race.

Sam joins Mc Kinley's synchronized swim team, coached by Roz Washington (Ne Ne Leakes), desperate for a letterman jacket to impress Mercedes, who he wants to win back from Shane.

Becky decides she wants Artie as her boyfriend and gets him to date her.

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