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and sharing on-screen kisses with co-stars Ashmit Patel in Silsiilay and Sharman Joshi in Style, respectively.

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Riya was slated to appear in Anjan Dutt's Bengali-English bilingual film The Bong Connection with her sister, but she was eventually dropped from the project and replaced by Peeya Rai Chaudhary.

the American people can suffer terrible consequences from a war in the Korean Peninsula which have nothing to do with missile strikes on Guam or the US.

While I personally believe that Kim Jong-un is not insane and that the main objective of the North Korean leadership is to avoid a war at all costs, what if I am wrong?

The last time they completely cut off the oil, North Korea came to the table. If they don’t do more, we’re going to take it into our own hands and then we’ll start to deal with secondary sanctions Kid A has a fight with Kid B. What makes this even worse is the media’s obsession with the range of North Korean missiles and whether they can reach Guam or even the US.

) by telling him “This would all be really funny if this was a comedy show.

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