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They want to avoid divorce and its financial risks 4.

They want to wait until they are older to have children 5.

Stanley and other Evangelical leaders have failed to adequately challenge deviations from God’s marital framework.

(Preface and Explanation)A special essay on young, not-yet married men’s attitudes on the timing of marriage finds that men experience few social pressures to marry, gain many of the benefits of marriage by cohabiting with a romantic partner, and are ever more reluctant to commit to marriage in their early adult years. Answers to these questions from official sources have been hard to come by.

Both men and women are putting off marriage until older ages.

Without some sense of how marriage is faring in America today, the portrait of the nation’s social health is incomplete.

“The View” co-host Jenny Mc Carthy will be hosting her own hour-long weekly show on Sirius XM starting July 16.

“Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny Mc Carthy” will feature the comedian and Playboy model as she talks about “parenting, sex, dating and marriage.” Chelsea Handler, Perez Hilton and Mc Carthy’s fiance Donnie Wahlberg are all planned to appear as guests. I’m excited to do it on Sirius XM without having to interrupt anyone or keep things clean,” Mc Carthy said in a statement.

The neglect of marriage is all the more remarkable because mating and marrying behavior has changed dramatically in recent decades. It is central to the nurture and raising of children.

Although some measures of these changes, such as the rise in unwed childbearing, have been duly noted, discussed and monitored, the state of marriage itself has been slighted. It is the "social glue" that reliably attaches fathers to children.

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