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Nicole has worked on coastal restoration projects from New York to Florida, with the most recent project being the Segment II Shore Protection Project in Broward County.

Prior to joining NOAA, Jon was the director of the New Hampshire Sea Grant Program and the deputy director of the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. Broward County, Florida is located between Palm Beach County to the north and Miami-Dade County to the south and contains approximately 24 miles of sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

Sea turtle nesting, hatching, and emergence success from within 150 m of the beach profile locations were used to evaluate the influence of the groin field at OI and the nourishment at SB (as compared to the larger area monitored in each city).

Despite variability in the surface sediment, morphology, and slope at OI and SB, which have been shown to influence nesting success, the difference in nesting success between locations was not statistically significant (35% at OI and 18% at SB).

Continued beach nourishment through the use of upland sand mines has been examined in addition to feasibility studies and investigations into the use of aragonite sand and recycled glass. E., is the Natural Resources Administrator at Broward County.

Additionally, the County has put forth a considerable investment into implementing sand bypassing at Port Everglades in order to serve as a supplemental local and sustainable source of sand for southern County beaches. She received her Master’s degree in coastal and oceanographic engineering from University of Florida.

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