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Personally I would prefer using the i Pad for recording instead of your Tascam.

I start Audiobus, then start i Real Pro and the recording app in either order.I find this quicker and easier than either using IAA (inter-app audio) or Audio Bus on a GB track and recording i Real Pro.(You might find you can Open with Multi Track DAW directly from i Real Pro; if not, you might be able to use Paste if you go through Audio Share if you want to get it but there might be other ways to get the audio in - emailing it back to yourself should work anyway.) For vocals, you might want to use a real microphone because the small microphone in the i Pad is not designed for vocal recording (although it will work somewhat - see Bob's post for his link).I also tried activating Play in the recording app in i Real Pro, then the play button to start the song and this worked well. I've got a simple, external Tascam multi-track recorder, but it seems like I should be able to do to all I need on the i Pad alone.I don't really need to use Audio Bus, but I do have it.

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