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But by the time he was released, Du Brul was determined to prove them wrong.In order to do that, he left home and made his way to the Lower East Side.He’s a peer specialist, and his job is to train other peer specialists who will work directly with these young folks who have just experienced their first episode of psychosis. * * * hen Du Brul was eighteen, living with his mother on Upper West Side, he became convinced that microscopic transmitters had been embedded under his skin, and that his every move was being broadcast on live television.He hadn’t slept for what felt like months when, late one evening, he began pacing his bedroom, sifting through old family photographs and digging up childhood toys.Among the punks, who proudly wore indignation on their sleeves, his hostility toward the psychiatric system was a badge of honor.

He was 37 when he finally completed his bachelor’s degree.Waiting passengers noticed him and began screaming.The police arrived, jumped down onto the tracks, and wrestled him to the ground.As one of the officers fastened handcuffs around his wrists, Du Brul asked, “Who watches the Watchmen? At the hospital, doctors sedated Du Brul with antipsychotic medication as well as Depakote — an anticonvulsant drug, often used to prevent epileptic seizures, which psychiatrists also prescribe as a mood stabilizer.They diagnosed him with manic-depression, a condition now known as Bipolar I — the more severe form of the disorder, characterized not just by mood swings, but also episodes of mania, or psychosis, which cause delusions, hallucinations, and disordered thinking.

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