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We stop on a hill with an epic view of the Litlington White Horse – a giant horse-shaped chalk figure cut into the downs.It’s here that we whip out the Bru Kit stove, and heat up our vacuum-packed meals.Far below us, we sight a couple of paddle boarders weaving their way along it.Apart from the farmyard animals, they appear to be the only sign of life for miles around.The scenery along the Seven Sisters segment of the South Downs Way is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in the UK.Rolling hills and other-worldly white cliffs, the windswept trees here look like something from a Salvador Dali painting or a Biffy Clyro album cover; all bent out of shape at 90 degrees like one of Uri Geller’s spoons.After arriving in Eastbourne, and making a quick stop at a supermarket to stock up on meals, peanuts, and enough cereal bars to feed the entire production crew for Game of Thrones twice over – we head to Eastbourne Pier.From here, we make our way along a coastal road to the starting point of the 100 mile-long South Downs Way.

Over the next two nights, the only thing above our heads would be the night sky. The bivouac sacks (also known as ‘bivvys’) we’d be using had many qualities but a roof was not one of them.Halfway up the first hill, we realise that neither of us are as fit as we need to be.Our self-esteem is dented further when we see a middle-aged couple striding happily in the opposite direction.It’s dark, and we’re still about a mile or so from the outskirts of Alfriston.With our bivvys we can sleep anywhere, but the outskirts of Alfriston has been our target from the minute we left Eastbourne.

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